MBA in Project Management: A Promising Program for a Bright Future

Prominent Universities which Provide MBA in Project Management Program

a degree of MBA in project management
means that you have to get through some tough learnings in business
administration, especially on leadership and problem solving. By having the
degree on your hand, means that you have the two splendid abilities to do the
business. Your excellent skill will absolutely be needed in the global markets
which need such skill to implement the business agenda efficiently in real

MBA program of study will provide its student the opportunity to explore and
develop their ability to show their skill in making the business more efficient
and profitable. This program is also acknowledged an interesting program by
companies for they may have it as the chance to do the early recruitment. The
students who have the above average ability will surely be hired in advanced by
the company who has business arrangement with the university. Good for the
students, good for the universities, good for the company as well. Thus,
students may have to be careful in making decision before they choose a program
and also the university they join in, to which it will enable them to have a bright
future through their education.

in this article, you are going to be provided with some information of some
recommended universities which hold program of MBA in project management.

  1. California
    Intercontinental University

This university offers a program:
Master of Business Administration in Project and Quality Management. This is an
online course with length of study time is only 18 months. Within 18 months you
will get a study of total quality management, which will help you to determine
your career in business in the future.

  • Lincoln
    University of Business & Management

The Major in Project & Operation Management
is offered by this university. The program is available in two options:
full-time and part-time. You can finish your study in 14-16 months. Here, you
will get not only theoretical concept, but also the practical skills which make
you the man a company should hire.

  • University
    of New York in Prague

A 19-month program of MBA with a
Concentration in Project Management will give you a complete view of project
management goals, instruments, and measurement. With the ability and the degree
you have, a global market place will be your home soon.

So, are you joining a program of MBA in project management from one of
those universities?

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