DBA Programs: A Proper Study for Better Career in Business

All You Need to Know about DBA Programs

you plan to build your career in business and still have no clue to find the
right way, a DBA program may be one of the answers that you’re looking for. And
if you’re not familiar with the term of “DBA” yet, then this article might be
one of the things you need to read today. This article is trying to give you
answers for some questions that are frequently show up among people considering
the term “DBA Program”.

  1. What
    is a DBA program?

  DBA is abbreviation of Doctor of Business
Administration. When you enroll yourself into one of DBA programs, you will be provided with all lessons you need to
improve your skill in business. Here, you will have to study, do the examinations,
project works and also researches in the field of business.

any other doctorate programs, the person with the degree is awarded the
academic doctor at the end of their study.

  •  How can
    the program lead you to success in business?

common DBA program ultimately have two main purposes in their study: provide
the students with the business theory and develop their professional’s
knowledge into practice. Universities offering the program emphasize that the
graduates should have significant experience in business, especially in
leadership roles and making strategic decisions for the development of the
business he is running.

  • The
    specialization field of DBA Program

DBA program in a university includes some specializations i.e.:

  1.  Management science
  2. Information
    technology management
  3. Organizational
  4. Economics
  5. Finance

some other fields alike.

  • What’s
    the difference between DBA and Ph.D.?

In United States both degrees in DBA
and Ph.D. in business administration are basically equivalent degree, but they
are may not be so in some other nations.

Both doctorates degree are recognized
as research doctorates asking high academic qualifications in business.

The distinction between the two is on the
orientation and the outcome graduates. The Ph.D. program focuses more on the
development of the academic knowledge, while the DBA program offers an
emphasizing on the applied research. Therefore, the graduates of Ph.D. program
mostly stay in the campuses holding positions in academia, while the graduates
of DBA programs are more ready to be
placed in any industry as applied researchers or executives.

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