Online DBA Programs: A Doctorate Program to Answer Challenges in the Business World

Recommended Online DBA Programs for You

business today experiences rapid changes in many sectors. Someone who gets
involve into this world must be prepared for such things to happen in an
immediate and limitless time.  Professional
business leaders are demanded to be adaptable for such situation. They must be
ready for new developments and innovations and be ready for good analysis of
the market condition so that a suitable decision can be implemented for the
developments of his business.

Online DBA Programs,
therefore, are such education needed for this those who would like pursue the
career in the business world but don’t have quite enough time to sit-in class in
campuses. The programs will lead you to be a critical, full of knowledge
business leader to have an efficient and precise action for the company you
work for, without having attended any class.

is the list of some recommended Online
DBA Programs
for you:

  1. California
    International University – Irvine, California

doctoral program offered by this University is the DBA programs only. And they
are only available in the form of online program. The programs include: DBA in
Entrepreneurship and Business Administration, DBA in Global Business and
Leadership, DBA Healthcare Management and Leadership, DBA Information Systems
and Resource Management.

2 year time, the graduates are expected to be the professional business leaders
who are capable of performing the best effort to develop the business he is

  •   Walden University – Minneapolis, Minnesota

University which was established in 1970 has offered the online program for the
DBA since 1995. Walden’s purpose is to make their graduates have the ability
that may present the positive social change towards his workplace. For those
who need to develop themselves in accounting, finance, homeland security,
self-designed, global supply chain management, then Walden is definitely the
right options. Those are some of favorite DBA programs among others offered in

University offers 60 credit hours to be finished in average time of 50 months
to get a DBA degree. Federal loan options and scholarships are also offered by
this University.

  • LIGS
    University –

its famous jargon “Study online for your success without borders or limits”,
LIGS provide the DBA programs online in some specialization, such as
management, project management, finance, marketing, and human resource

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