Choosing Affordable Online DBA Programs Can Be the First Step for Your Future

13 Affordable Online DBA Programs You Can Count On

Obtaining a doctorate in business is really needed to develop self-performance and careers. Many graduates of this DBA program get an annual salary that is quite impressive and makes a decent living. But it must be considered in determining affordable online DBA programs not only the least expensive, but there are also other criteria that need extra attention. For example, good quality, the effectiveness of teaching methodology, supporting facilities and living costs.

Although the program's distance programming can be done anywhere because it is digital, there are times when students need to attend physical classes in general, such as opening, the introduction of new software, solving complex problems that cannot only be resolved through chat, Skype and teleconference.

Some examples of Schools and Universities that offer online DBA programs at affordable prices.

1. Trident University International

State: California


$ 26,250.00 for In-State / Out-Of-State

$ 22,650.00 for Military

2. Wilmington University

State: Delaware

Price: $ 33,568.00 for All Students

3. Liberty University Online Program

State: Virginia


$35,800.00 for In-State/Out-Of-State

$16,600.00 for Military

4. Grand Canyon University

State: Arizona


$ 41,050.00 for In-State / Out-Of-State

$ 39,130.00 for Military

5. University of the Incarnate Word

State: Texas

Price: $ 42,390.00 for All Students

6. Johnson & Wales University

State: Rhode Island

Price: $$ 45,900.00 for All Students

7. George Fox University

State: Oregon

Price: $ 48,997.00 for All Students

8. Saint Leo University

State: Florida

Price: $ 51,365.00 for All Students

9. Baker College

State: Michigan


$ 54,900.00 for In-State / Out-Of-State

$ 22,020.00 for Military

10. Northcentral University

State: California


$ 56,232.00 for In-State / Out-Of-State

$ 39,528.00 for Military

11. Walden University

State: Minnesota


$ 63,350.00 for In-State / Out-Of-State

$ 54,530.00 for Military

12. Northcentral University

State: California


$ 74,070.00 for In-State / Out-Of-State

$ 59,280.00 for Military

13. City University of Seattle

State: Washington

Price: $ 78,624.00 for In-State / Out-Of-State

Many universities and business schools offer online DBA class programs, but we still have to be smart in making choices because not necessarily what other people fit into the program there will be suitable for our conditions.

Hopefully, this can be the first step for you in determining affordable online DBA programs that really meet your need. That is a little review that I can present here, expectancy, what is listed above can be a reference for you in order to reach a brighter future in the business field.

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