What Are the Determining Criteria for The DBA Programs Ranking Which Is the Reference for The Public?

Three Criteria to Assess the Quality of DBA Programs Ranking

Basically, to determine the quality and reputation of an institution or study program is to find out the ranking of each program which is usually published annually by international standard magazines or newspapers such as BusinessWeek or Financial Times. This usually applies to Masters Programs in Finance or Management, MBA programs, and Executive Education. Interestingly, the DBA programs ranking has never been applied so far. It is precisely to find out the quality and reputation of the DBA program using another proxy.

How Do You Know the Quality of a DBA Program Without a Ranking Based Rating?

  1. Accreditation

With the absence of judgments based on rankings in the DBA program, we need to learn correctly and thoroughly everything about the business school or campus that offers this lecture program. Is this program well designed, is the content and material content aligned with the applicable curriculum, are the graduates known in the community, do employers and business owners recognize graduates from this campus and do these schools or universities have good networks in the middle public? This is the task of the accreditation agent

  1. Assess the quality of faculty staff, especially professors and teaching staff

Try to find out whether the teaching staff in the faculty are really master to deliver their knowledge to students or not. This can be seen from how the practice of teaching and conducting research done. Besides that, it can also be seen from the number of productions of academic journals published by the faculty staff. The publication of the journal in the Financial Times, for example, it is very difficult. The presentation was rejected around 95%. So, if the teaching staff are able to penetrate the filter, it can be said that the reputation of this study program is good and needs to be considered as preferred reference material for the DBA program that we seek.

  1. Results of general reputation, teaching experience, and influence on executive positions

The general reputation of a faculty or the broader extent of a university can also be used as a reference in choosing the DBA program they offer. The experience of the teaching staff in the dualism program between offline and online classes also influences the key to the success of the faculty. And the last is the extent of school exposure in handling executives engaged in business administration. Like how well education seminars and executive programs running so far.

Hopefully, this brief review is useful in setting the DBA programs ranking to choose the right school that suits your needs.

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