3 Schools of Business with Cheap DBA Programs

Good School Isn’t Always Pricey: Take a Look at Cheap DBA Programs

Some students are likely to look for cheap DBA programs in high-quality business schools in the US. Even it sounds like a dream, you may see that there are institutions give good quality education for the affordable price. It's a better option than taking a student loan to finance the program. Here are a few universities that provide cheap payment for DBA programs.

University of South Alabama

You can take specializations in learning the Doctor of Business Administration programs. The options are Management and Marketing. The tuition fee is very affordable as you can pay US$24,960 for total study.

This DBA program will be held over weekends and let the students work full-time while finishing the degree. You can choose the classes based on your interest like Structural Equation Modeling, Multivariate Analysis, and Seminars in Leadership and Business Strategy.  No wonder, many students choose this affordable school of business at the University of South Alabama to get the DBA degree.

Louisiana Tech University

Louisiana Tech University's College of Business in Ruston, Louisiana is a full-time, on-campus program focusing on how the students can collaborate in careers as professionals in private and public institutions or business. All of the students will be encouraged to improve their skills on implementing the strategic perspective on business, a command of the theoretical, technical and pedagogical aspects of the business field.

Why students love this school? It's because the DBA program is cheaper than others. Students only have to pay about $20,520. It's really low cost with benefits of comprehensive learning.

Kennesaw State University

Another option to study on-campus cheap DBA program is Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University This business school is the second-largest education institution in the state of Georgia. The low cost of the DBA program makes this school of businesses grow popular. The rate of tuition fee is about $13,584.

Even it is cheaper than others, this school provides a traditional style of doctoral teaching technique combined with a European style that allows success to do independent research. If you choose to learn in this business school, you will get many advantages from this school. Since it has accreditation business with an excellent grade from AACSB-International, this school has enrollment programs for 3-4 years.

These 3 Schools of Business are good institution with low cost. Whatever your choice, you may check each of their website links to understand more about the details of cheap DBA programs.

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