Be a Better Businessman by Joining PhD Programs in Business Administration

Prominent Universities which have PhD Programs in Business Administration

Business world has been a popular choice for most of graduates of university scholars. Therefore, many business programs are offered by universities to cope with the current demand. Either master’s degree in business administration or Doctorate degree are highly pursued by many scholars who plan get into the business world after graduated.

The PhD programs in Business administration is one of favorite programs among other programs offered by universities. The doctorate degree in business administration programs includes many aspects in business world.  The object lessons for the students are production/planning, decision making, project management, human resources and finance, and the same time pursuing the organizational aims, policies, and procedures.  

Here is the list of universities provide PhD degree in Business Administration

  1. University of Alberta – Canada

The university is located in Edmonton, Canada. There are four field of PhD program in Business & Management here, i.e.:

  1. PhD in Accounting
  2. PhD in Finance
  3. PhD in Marketing
  4. PhD in Strategic Management and Organization

  1. Melbourne Business Scholl

Melbourne Business School was the pioneer of the business education in Australia. The spirit of innovation and pursuit of excellent education is still becoming the “heart” of the university until today.  

The advantages you can get from this university are:

  1. Getting great support in advancing your skill
  2. The alumni community connections provide you better chances after graduating
  3. The programs ensure you to be a confident individual who are ready to become a global leader

  1. New York University

New York City has the spirit of the busiest, most diverse and dynamic city. And its university turns the spirit as the engine of creativity into its educational program, which has become the magnets for talented, ambitious people.

The PhD Programs in Business Administration & Management available here are:

  1. PhD in Technology Management
  2. PhD in Transportation Planning and Engineering

  1. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA is one of the well-known universities in US. There are several PhD programs offered by the university, including the business administration program.

UCLA is the right choice because of its excellent reputation and achievements. Its 40 doctoral programs rank in the top 10 in each field across the nation. It also has extension program which offering 20 different fields of study that can accommodate and adjustable for working adults.

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