Best Business Schools: Harvard DBA program

Overview of Harvard DBA program

Harvard Business Schools (HBS) has a high reputation performance based on proven indicators of excellence across the world. Located in Cambridge Massachusetts, HBS is holding 1,873 full-time enrollment with tuition cost about $73,440/ year on average. Why the school of business at Harvard University is really popular? That's because this school offers a high quality of education, especially in the business field. The potential students can be outstanding professional, so many companies likely to hire Harvard DBA program graduates from Harvard University.

Additionally, almost 79.10 % of them from full-time program study has been already employed in the business field. Many graduates are spread out in the workplace with high-level salary.

Harvard Business School concentrations and departments

The business school has available concentration and departments including:

  • accounting
  • consulting
  • e-commerce
  • economics
  • entrepreneurship
  • ethics
  • finance
  • general management
  • health care administration
  • human resources management
  • international business
  • leadership
  • manufacturing and technology management
  • marketing
  • not-for-profit management
  • production/operations management organizational behavior
  • portfolio management
  • public administration
  • public policy
  • real estate
  • sports business
  • supply chain management/logistics
  • quantitative analysis/statistics and operations research
  • tax
  • Technology.

About Doctoral Program in HBS

The fact that most people who studied and graduated from Harvard Business School have the high standard qualifies is true. They are supported with a hands-on education that can help them to complete case studies representing the real problem in the business world. The program will be helpful for students because as the team they can look for the best in solutions to solve the problems.

Harvard Business School also provides an elite Doctoral program in Management with high-level quality and excellence degree. The program is running a comprehensive standardization with full-time and face to face study on-campus. The advantage of being a student in HBS is the offering of tuition assistance and stipends. It's really important for students to finance their study while they can focus on conducting research and dissertation to get their doctorate degree

In HBS, students have to prepare minimum expertise in two areas for example in Sociology or Economics as their specializations. These two domains will be their focuses on conducting the studies, research, and dissertation. Teaching assignment also becomes compulsory for one academic term. To complete the study, students generally spend 5 years full-time learning with 13 semesters in minimum. Harvard DBA program has 2 basic courses as a framework, 4 research methods courses, research seminar, MBA courses, and 7 electives.

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