Dos and Don'ts When You Write the Motivation Letter for PhD in Business Administration

Writing Motivation Letter for PhD in Business Administration is Somewhat Challenging

Deciding the field to study PhD in Business Administration should be followed with a clever strategy to make you stand out in the eyes of the admission committee. Especially on writing a motivation letter that will show your talents in the midst of excellent candidates.

In this article, you will see that "how" factors are must be emphasized more than "what".


1. Use concise and professional words choice in mannered tone. This is the first thing that will be the most important details you should put on your letter. Not only it can make your submission looked serious, but also it will avoid vagueness. As you see, vagueness is prohibited in academic writing.

2. You start it with a simple overview explaining your chosen program in PhD in Business. In a paragraph, tell them about your future goals up to the reasons behind your decision to take the program.

3. Tell briefly about your latest background in academic as well your experience that relates to your PhD Business Administration programs. For example, you have been conducting research, teaching, taking courses to gain more knowledge, or volunteering in the business field.

4. Add informative description about your motivation in this field, what you want to achieve, and what results to accomplish.

5. In the body of the letter, include your scientific research, studies, journals, or any related publications in business. Don't forget to put the evidence where your work already has been published.

6. It's better to add in your closing statement of your motivation letter about the big picture and context of the research you've done. Tell the benefits of your studies in an academic setting, community, and larger areas in life.

7. Try to limit your motivation letter only one page. Make a definitive flow in explaining your enthusiasm in PhD Business Administration field and value of your finished research.


1. Don't include over claim achievements or any other fake statements. Be honest.

2. No need to write subjective message with too personal tone. For example: “my greatest dream since childhood is... ’’, or “I would like to pursue my biggest career in...” etc.

3. Don't write too much praise for the institution. Use confident words with the proper level of enthusiasm without saying unnecessary things.

These are the key things to do to make your motivation letter as the students of PhD in Business Administration stand out. So the admission committee can see you as a valuable and excellent candidate for institutions.

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