Executive PhD Business: A doorway to Pursue higher career in Business

What is an Executive PhD Business Program?

Executive PhD programs attempt to offer you an alternative education especially for those who want to have more than just a master’s degree in business but do not want to leave their current career. If now, you are scratching your head, figuring out what exactly the executive PhD is, don’t worry! You are not alone. The program might not be popular for some people, but this program is actually quite significant program for you to have a better improvement in your business career. Now, you’d better focus your mind and read the articles below! The composition below might give you some insights and may answer all of your questions about executive PhD business programs.

First of all, you need to know that the program is not meant for the academia life. Instead, it is actually a further development of a career option, which means it obligates you to have a PhD program but you still working full-time at the same time. The students who would like to join the program should have a high self-motivation and high standard career in business world.

The program is commonly set for senior managers, who have considerable work experience. This program is also fit for the business owner who would like to have more knowledge to develop its business.

Why Should You Earn a PhD Degree?

The program may get you involved in the academic world at first, but it can be also a game-changing performance that you can apply in your current workplace. Those will enable you to be a consultant or a guide for businesses or you can improve your skill and confidence as the executive in your company to positively show better performance of your work.

Difference between Executive Doctorate and Executive PhD Business Program

Apart from the executive PhD program, an executive doctorate program is designed for experienced professional who would like pursue the higher education, learn challenges through advanced research, and further develop of their knowledge.

However, both executive doctorate and PhD degree demand the students to involve intellectual participations. The research done in both programs are similar in its emphasis on in-depth analysis. While the PhD research is based on the theory and discipline, the research in doctorate program is oriented toward applied knowledge and meant to as practicing of problem solving.

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