Planning the Future in Business by getting degree in PhD in Business Management

What a graduate of PhD in business management program can do?

Graduating from a PhD in Business Management program will make you have a great ability in research and analytical skills valued by multinational companies, financial institutions, government agencies, international agencies, consulting firms, and non-profit organizations.

Since PhD is the highest degree in academic world, when you graduate from the PhD program in business management, the company will obviously give you such a good position with splendid salary. It is because you are believed to be able to do such things below to help your company reach its ultimate goals. As the PhD degree holder, you are demanded to be as follows:

  1. A Leader in knowledge development in business, management and organizations.
  2. To be effectively transform your understanding on the theory into precise practices.
  3. To be able to make innovative participation for the development of the company.
  4. To be able to create beneficial impacts for the organizational social and environment.

All in all, you are expected to be able to create, generate, innovate and apply your knowledge at an advanced level.

The Structure of PhD program

The PhD program focuses on both technical and academic knowledge, with emphasizing on the research evidence and problem solving by investigation and testing.

The program is designed on the two stages of study. On the first stage of study students will consolidate and get the theoretical knowledge of their specialist field of the study as their academic activities. They will then create a plan of proposed research. On the second phase, they will have to conduct the research of the specialist field of the study they have chosen before, and then compose them as their dissertation at the end of the study.   

Through rigorous coursework and supervised research, the PhD Program will prepare you for careers in major business and research institutions around the world. The study is also expected to have a profound impact on the thoughts and actions of the graduates as the business leaders and policy makers later on.

Universities Conducting PhD in business management program

To start your PhD program, here is the list of top 5 universities conducting PhD program in business management:

  1. University of Charleston
  2. Our Lady of the Lake University
  3. Concordia University – Chicago
  4. Indiana Wesleyan University
  5. Johnson University

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