What to Choose: Part-time or Full-time DBA Programs?

Differences between Studying a Full-Time DBA Programs or a Part-Time One

If you want to pursue your dream career with high-level education to support your business, taking a new challenge by studying DBA can be set on your checklist. Most of DBA programs are the part-time type of study, while others, even it's rare, offering full-time DBA programs.
Are you unsure which one you should take? Before you start to go to choose your DBA program. Let's check out the comparison between studying full-time and part-time.

  1. Focus on study

The full-time DBA program is not as many as a part-time DBA program, especially in the United States. Even it sounds like a daunting task to find one full time one, at least some of university provide it. The advantage of doing full-time programs is the ability for maintaining focus studies without distraction. Some universities have requirements for students to attend the class with a minimum of eight consecutive terms. While a part-time program allows you to study with your own pace. Some people who taking DBA are doing their own business and want to heighten it with business education.

  1. The difference of Tuition Fees

The tuition fees of DBA programs vary depending on many factors. Personal things applicable to the student can increase the fees. For example, enroll in full-time DBA program study will cost you a lot of money than part-time. At least in the USA, you need to spend a minimum of US$ 52,860 for 3 years full-time DBA program study. If you spend more than 3 years the chance are you will get a higher cost. On the other side, if you are already working in business and want to be a great decision maker in your company, you can study part-time. The fee is cheaper and you can apply your knowledge to your company at the same time.

  1. Time management

Full-time DBA program study will allow you to complete a doctoral business administration degree in a quick and efficient time. From two years three months to three years depending on the university you take. While choosing part-time study will spend time a bit longer. You may spend time at least three years to eight years for various conditions and possible circumstances.

Before deciding full-time DBA programs or part-time, you have to measure your own pace. You can complete the DBA programs faster or slower based on your time management. It will add an impact on tuition fees as well.

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