New Coronavirus cases reported in Pakistan How to prevented in Pakistan?

Coronavirus in Pakistan: '1500 people from Iran identified'

Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah said that people from Iran have been identified in the last 15 days and they will be kept under surveillance for 15 days.

Two Coronavirus cases reported in Pakistan How to prevented in Pakistan?
Sindh province Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said that two people from Iran have been identified who will be monitored for 15 days after two cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in Pakistan.
Speaking at a press conference in Karachi on Thursday, Murad Ali Shah said that people from Iran or those who have been in contact with them during the last 15 days have been identified.

He said the number was 1,500 and they would be kept under surveillance for the next 15 days.

Murad Ali Shah said that even if the virus did not show signs of these individuals, they would still be monitored.

Remember that Prime Minister Imran Khan's Assistant Special Health Minister Dr Zafar Mirza confirmed the presence of two cases of Karuna virus in Pakistan on Wednesday night and said that there was nothing to worry about. He said that one is from Karachi while the other is from the Federal Area.

Two Coronavirus cases reported in Pakistan How to prevented in Pakistan?

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said at a press conference on Thursday that a hospital had been allotted to the Karuna virus where only its victims would be kept.

News of the mask in the country has come to the news since the Karuna virus was confirmed in Pakistan yesterday that a large number of people have arrived at medical stores to get masks but they are not getting the masks and those who have them are allegedly original. Are selling for more than the price.

In this regard, Ali Shah said that masks would be prosecuted against those who sell expensive and the sale will be ensured at its original cost.

Warehouses will be contacted to address the mask shortage, he said.

He said that in this whole situation he would take briefing with the relevant personnel twice a day.

School closed 

Schools in Sindh and Balochistan have been closed after the virus was confirmed in the country. 

According to a statement issued by the Balochistan Education Department, madrassas along with all public and private schools across the province are being shut down till March 15 to protect the children from the Karuna virus.

According to the statement, examinations in the province have also been suspended.

On the other hand, the Sindh government has announced to close schools for only two days. 

Sindh Govt has decided to close all the schools of province for Thursday & Friday (27th & 28th Feb).@BBhuttoZardari @MuradAliShahPPP
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Arrangements are complete'

Karachi's major hospitals have completed arrangements for anticipated patients.

Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (GPMC) Executive Director, Dr Sammy Jamali told The Independent Urdu: 'We have not had any suspected virus yet. Four to five meetings have been held in this regard. The hospital staff has been drilled to wear specific clothing and masks. In addition, Isolation Rooms have been set up in the hospital and guidelines have been written and replaced.

The first Coronavirus patient has been admitted to Aga Khan Hospital in Pakistan. The hospital said in a statement: 'The patient is in the isolation room and the condition is improving. We have fully implemented the infection control protocol so that the virus does not affect hospital staff, students and hospitalized patients. '

The Aga Khan Hospital was built as a charity but is currently considered one of the most expensive hospitals in Karachi. On the question of how a virus-infected patient would bear the cost of treatment, a hospital spokeswoman said there was no information yet and that it was a confidential matter.

On the other hand, Health Department Sindh spokesperson Atif Wagheeu said: "The health department will bear all the costs of the virus-infected patient and we have informed the Aga Khan Hospital administration and the patient's family. "If they get a bill from the hospital, they will give it to us. We will pay for it."


Regarding the possible danger of postponement of Pakistan Super League FIFA matches due to the Karuna virus, the Pakistan Cricket Board has said that the matches will be normal. 

PCB spokesman Samiul Hassan says matches will be on schedule and precautions can be taken to prevent the virus.

'Things are in control'

Earlier, Assistant Special Health Officer Dr Zafar Mirza said that the condition of the two people who had been confirmed with the Karuna virus was out of danger and so the people did not have to worry.

In his Twitter message, he said: "I can confirm two cases of the Coronavirus in Pakistan, which are being treated with international standard medical facilities and both of them are out of danger."

He added: 'No need to worry, the situation is under control.'

220/ I can confirm first two cases of corona virus in Pakistan. Both cases are being taken care of according to clinical standard protocols & both of them are stable. No need to panic, things are under control. I will hold press conf tomorrow on return from Taftan.
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Talking to private TV channel 'Dunya News' on Wednesday night, Dr Zafar Mirza said 15 people were suspected of being suspected of the Coronavirus in the country, two of which confirmed the virus.

According to the Department of Health, a coronary infected patient from Karachi, who had recently returned from Iran.

The spokesman added that data from other people travelling with the affected person was also being obtained. While the other patient's full information is being obtained.

It should be noted that the death toll from the Karuna virus in Iran has risen to 19, and the immigration gate at the Tafatan border on the Iran-Iran border has been closed for four days due to the threat of the virus spreading to Pakistan.

 At the Isolation Center at Tufan, 270 people, including visitors, will be flown to the destination at the end of the 14 days.

According to government statements, thermal scanning of passengers, special teams of para-medical staff and isolation wards have been established at Pak-Afghan border in Chaman, Torkham and North Waziristan.

On the other hand, according to the National Health Commission of China, the death toll from the Coronavirus in China has been steadily declining and the total number of deaths in China has increased to more than 2,700 in the last 24 hours

How is the Coronavirus being prevented in Pakistan?

According to the World Health Organization, a chronic lung virus that originated in China has now spread to 38 countries. So far in China, coronavirus has infected more than 78,000 people and killed in 2700.

The virus has spread to Pakistan and its neighbours. Although only two cases have been confirmed in Pakistan, screening has been extended to international airports besides borders with Iran and Afghanistan.

What are the symptoms?

It apparently starts with a fever followed by a dry cough.

After a week there is difficulty breathing. Some patients have to go to the hospital.

It should be noted that the symptoms of nasal congestion and sneezing are very rare in this infection.

New Coronavirus cases reported in Pakistan How to prevented in Pakistan?
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According to the World Health Organization, the duration of the infection from exposure to symptoms is 14 days.

But some researchers say it can be up to 24 days.

Some Chinese scientists believe that some people can cause infection even before symptoms appear.

New Coronavirus cases reported in Pakistan How to prevented in Pakistan?

How Deadly Is the Corona Virus?

World Health Organization WHO says after reviewing data from 44,000 patients infected with the virus

1. 81% of people had mild symptoms
2. Severe symptoms appeared in 14%
3. Five per cent of people became seriously ill
4. The mortality rate for this disease, named Cod 19, was one to two per cent, but the numbers cannot be trusted.

Thousands of people are still under treatment and some may die so mortality can increase. But it is also unclear how many cases of mild symptoms are not reported, in which case the mortality may be even lower.

One billion people suffer from influenza every year, and between 200,000 and 600,000 people are killed. The severity of the flu changes every year.

New Coronavirus cases reported in Pakistan How to prevented in Pakistan?

Is Corona Virus Curable?

It is currently being treated in basic ways, keeping the patient's body active, assisting with breathing, as long as his immune system is able to fight the virus.

However, vaccine preparations are underway and it is expected that by the end of this year, the drug will be tested on humans.

The hospitals have begun using pre-existing drugs against the virus to see if they have any effect.

How can we protect ourselves?

New Coronavirus cases reported in Pakistan How to prevented in Pakistan?
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World Health Organization says:

1. Wash your hands with soap or gel that can kill the virus.

2. Cover your mouth with coughing or sneezing, it is best to wash your hands from the tissue, and immediately afterwards, so that the virus does not spread.

3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth after touching any surface. Being infected with a virus, it can enter your body.

4. Don't go near people who are coughing, sneezing or having a fever. Virus drops from their mouths can flow into the atmosphere. Keep at least one meter, or three feet, from such persons.

5. If nature feels bad, stay home. If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, seek immediate medical help. Follow the instructions of the medical authorities.

How fast is it spreading?

Thousands of new cases are being reported every day. However, analysts say that in fact, it may be spreading far beyond that, at least 10 times as much as is reported in official statistics.

It has spread to South Korea, Italy, Iran so far, after which it is feared that it will become a global epidemic. Any infection is called a global epidemic when it spreads to different parts of the world.

The World Health Organization says they are concerned about the number of special cases that are indirectly related to China. "The chances of the virus being present are increasing," the company says. '

With winter colds and the flu spreading more rapidly, it is likely that climate change will help prevent this outbreak.

However, a virus similar to the Coronavirus 'Middle East Respiratory Syndrome' spreads to Saudi Arabia over the summer. Therefore, there is no guarantee that summer will prevent the outbreak.

How did it all start?

The virus itself is not 'new'. It's just new to humans. It has come from one creature to another.

Many early cases were linked to a market in Wuhan in China where animal meat was found.

In China, many people are very close to animals that can transmit the virus. And densely populated cities mean that these diseases can spread easily.

The disease, called cirrhosis, also started with the Corona virus. It started with bats and ended up being humans through Sweat Kate.

The SARS epidemic killed 774 people in China in 2002, and more than eight thousand were affected.

This is the seventh variant of the recent virus Corona virus and no changes have been observed so far. But when the situation is resolved, scientists will take a closer look at it.

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