Coronavirus Update: Italy's single-day death toll breaks record

The new coronavirus is raging around the world. On Saturday, the new coronavirus has caused 12,592 deaths worldwide, most of them in Europe, 3459 deaths in Asia, a total of 4,825 deaths in Italy, followed by China, 3255, Iran. , 1556 cases.
Coronavirus Update: Italy's single-day death toll breaks record

Twelve thousand people worldwide have died of the new cronavirus, and the virus has spread to 164 countries around the world. The confirmed cases are calculated at 12.30 on Saturday, the international standard time, and a total of 277,106 people have been diagnosed.

At present, more than 900 million people in 35 countries in the world are in a blockade, of which 600 million are in 22 countries.

According to the latest statistics, Italy added 793 deaths on Saturday and Thursday, with a total of 4,825 deaths. The new coronavirus epidemic broke out in Italy for a whole month and has now become the country with the most severe outbreak in the world. On Saturday and Saturday, 6,557 cases were newly diagnosed. The first outbreak in Italy, Lombardy, where Milan is located, is still the most severe in Italy, with 546 deaths on a single day on Saturday.

After Italy, China has the largest number of deaths with 3,255 cases. However, China has announced zero confirmed diagnoses for three consecutive days. Newly confirmed cases are "imported cases." On Saturday, 41 new cases were diagnosed and a total of 269 cases were confirmed. The so-called imported cases refer to cases brought in from outside China.

After China, Iran has 1556 deaths, 123 deaths on a single day on Saturday, 966 newly confirmed cases, and a total of 20610 confirmed cases. Iran is one of the countries with the worst epidemic in the world, but unlike Italy and China, Iran has so far refused to adopt a policy of quarantine and mandatory closure.

Iranian President Rouhani called for everyone to stay at home as much as possible. To stop the epidemic from spreading quickly, Rouhani also called for "some malls to be closed as much as possible, because there are a lot of people in the malls."

Spain suffered 324 deaths on a single day on Saturday, a surge of 32%, with a cumulative death rate of 1326, and the number of confirmed diagnoses within a day jumped from 19980 to 24926. From the number of confirmed cases, Spain is behind China and Italy, but higher than Iran. The worst infection in Spain is in the Madrid region.

The epidemic spread rapidly in France, with 112 deaths on a single day on Saturday, a total of 562 deaths, 6172 hospitalizations, 1525 severe cases, and a total of 14,459 confirmed diagnoses. France has dispatched a helicopter carrier to Corsica on Saturday to rescue patients.

A total of 22,177 cases were diagnosed in the United States with 278 deaths.

As of 19:00 GST, a total of 143,840 cases have been confirmed in Europe with a total of 7,319 deaths, a total of 95,618 cases have been confirmed in Asia, and a total of 3461 deaths; a total of 23,384 cases have been diagnosed in the Middle East, a total of 1,581 deaths have been confirmed; a total of 22,913 confirmed cases and 287 deaths have been diagnosed in the United States and Canada; A total of 3411 cases were confirmed in Latin America and the Caribbean, with 35 deaths; 1134 cases were confirmed in Africa, with 35 deaths; 1121 cases were confirmed in Oceania, with 7 deaths.

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