EMUI and MIUI rival game released

New Joy UI debuts in Black Shark 3. A proven network informant who maintains a page on Twitter under the nickname @AndroidSaint reports that Black Shark 3 will work out of the box under the control of the new version of Joy UI's proprietary shell.
EMUI and MIUI rival game released

An official video was also published in which we show application icons, various sections of the settings menu, and so on. The presence of a global dark theme is also confirmed.

The Joy UI graphical shell contains Xiao Ai 3.0 personal assistant, a set of standard Mi applications, and a modified user interface based on MIUI 11. In addition, Joy UI has a dedicated section for gaming applications, which will minimize background processes and hide incoming notifications in order to Do not distract the players from the process.
The game space has a section where you can change the location of the keys for a compatible gamepad, tactile feedback and sensitivity of compatible devices.

Also, a special application is available to users, which shows the parameters chosen by thousands of other Black Shark owners for each game of each game.

Black Shark 3 and the new version of Joy UI will be presented tomorrow.

Source = Twitter

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