Global death toll from new Coronavirus

The new crown epidemic killed at least 9,827 people worldwide. According to AFP ’s latest statistics as of 19:00 GST, there are currently 232,680 confirmed diagnoses in 158 countries around the world. This number does not fully reflect reality. Currently, many countries have detected suspected patients who do not need hospitalization.
Global death toll from new Coronavirus

In the last 24 hours, there were 1,043 new deaths and 23,701 new confirmed cases worldwide. In the last 24 hours, the largest number of new deaths was Italy, with 427, followed by Spain with 169, and the third with Iran, with 149.

The first confirmed case occurred in Italy at the end of February. Currently, 3,405 people have died, a total of 41,035 have been confirmed, 427 have died within 24 hours, and 5,344 have been confirmed. 4440 cases were cured.

China, which took the lead in the outbreak in December, excluding Hong Kong and Macau, had a total of 80,928 confirmed diagnoses and 3,245 deaths. There were 34 new cases and 8 deaths between Wednesday and Thursday. 70,420 cases were cured.

After Italy and China, the country with the worst impact was Iran, with 1,284 deaths and 18,407 confirmed diagnoses; Spain, with 767 deaths, and 17,147 confirmed deaths; France, with 372 deaths, 10,995 confirmed diagnoses, and 154, 10,700 confirmed diagnoses in the United States.

At 19:00 UTC on Wednesday, Pakistan, Russia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Tunisia announced the first deaths of the new crown virus. Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Fiji, Bahamas, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Chad announced the first confirmed diagnosis.

As of 19:00 UTC, the cumulative number of confirmed diagnoses in Europe was 103,287 and the cumulative number of deaths was 4901; the cumulative number of diagnoses in Asia was 94253, and the number of deaths was 3417; the total number of confirmed diagnoses in the Middle East was 20,598 and the number of deaths was 1301; the total number of confirmed diagnoses in the United States and Canada was 1,321, and the total number of deaths was 163. A total of 1711 cases were confirmed and 18 died. A total of 778 cases were confirmed in Africa with 21 deaths. A total of 738 cases were confirmed in Oceania with 6 deaths.

This data from AFP is based on data provided by agencies around the country from national authorities and from the World Health Organization.

The EU ’s chief Brexit negotiator, Barnier, was diagnosed with the infection, but the European Commission said negotiations with the UK would continue. In addition, the Kingdom of Monaco announced on Thursday that Prince Albert II had also been diagnosed with the infection.

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