Go Flawless With These 10 Best Beauty Brands In India

With the weather going array every moment we can't depend on natural home remedies to take care of our skin. Hence, these best beauty brands in India are here to take good care of skin - They've got it all covered for you from trending cosmetics to scientifically proven healthy skin care products. When in doubt, got through our curated list to find out which beauty brand goes well with your skin type - It's time to experiment now! 

1. Enchanteur

Enchanteur is a personal care and perfume brand with a legacy of over 25 years - They focus on "Fine French Fragrances that inspire Romance” to catch the attention of every modern woman. It's spread across 50+ countries and has reached out to over 10 Million women globally. They've got it all covered for you from body lotions, perfumed soaps, body mists, perfumes, roll-ons to shower gels. Their perfumes are definitely trending huge this season as the fragrances are originated using French techniques which makes them more exotic. The names of the fragrances are as exclusive and fascinating as they smell - Romance, Charming, Alluring, Enticing, Mom Amie and Bella Amour.

Highlights: Romance and Charming Collection Of Personal Care Products and Perfumes
Price: Starting From Rs.58

2. Lotus Herbals

Mr. Kamal Passi is the founder of this leading beauty brand in India - Lotus Herbals, focuses on the simple values which get us closer to nature, purity and is based on science. Hence Lotus commits to provide nature enhanced products with ethical standards to help you take good care of your skin, body, and mind in the most effective way. Their products include face cleansers, summer care products, winter care products, hair oils, shampoos and sunscreens. Lotus Herbals is strictly against the cruel practice of test products on animals which definitely makes it one of the top beauty brands in India.
HighlightsSafe Sun Anti-Tan Lotion, WhiteGlow - Skin Whitening Cream, Apricot Scrub, Makeup XpressGlow Daily Beauty Cream
Price: Starting From Rs.59

3. Biotique

Biotique was started by Vinita Jain in 1984, her childhood was also blessed with living in an Ayurveda Time surrounded by tea plantations in the foothills of Himalayas. She had the urge to advance her wisdom by educating herself by studying Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and other holistic philosophies. The whole idea behind Biotique was to provide 100% botanical products without testing them on animals. The products are made to eliminate serious skin and hair problems with 100% organically pure, preservative-free ingredients which are cultivated and manufactured in the Himalayas.
Highlights: Bio Honey Gel - Face Cleanser, Bio Silver Facial Kit, Bio Sandalwood - Face and Body Lotion
Price: Starting From Rs 55

4. Colorbar

We just can't deny that Colorbar is definitely one of the leading beauty brands in India providing us with the best makeup collection trending huge every season. Samir Modi is the founder and managing director of Colorbar, it was founded in 2004. It caters to a number of products catching every girl's attention as their products add color to nails, eyes, lips, and face. You'll be left awestruck by their ever-so-rejuvenating collection of cosmetics. It has also established itself in Dubai and is expanding every year. It's one of the fastest growing beauty brands with over 65 stores, 900+ multibrand outlet.
Highlights: SPF 60 Foundation, Serum Mascara, Magic Mirror Kit, Stay The Day Finishing Mist
Price: Starting From Rs.300


They have served over 5 Million consumers - with a staff strength of over 4,000 professionals which include nutritionists, physiotherapists, and cosmetologists. VLCC offers a therapeutic approach to beauty by putting across the best variety of skin care products such as Ayurvedic Fash Washes, Ayurvedic Hair Fall Shampoos, Anti Tan Face Wash, Facial Fruit Kits and so much more. They also operate 205 wellness centers in India and 49 in other 10 countries as well.
HighlightsHerbal Bleach,  Fruit Facial Kit,  Ayurveda Bath Essentials, Daily Skin Care Routine Pack
Price: Starting From Rs.50

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