Major update iOS 13.4 has been breached

Apple has not released the official version! Major update iOS 13.4 has been breached: jailbreak tool in place
Major update iOS 13.4 has been breached

Are you still concerned about jailbreak now?

Today Apple released the GM version of iOS 13.4, you can understand that this is the quasi-formal version of the system (on March 25, they only need to change their signatures to release as the official version). Although the new system has just been pushed out, A great god has acted in advance to crack the system.

Major update iOS 13.4 has been breached

Jailbreaking god Lucas stated on Twitter that the 0.9.9 version of checkra1n solves the problem that iOS13.4 cannot be jailbroken, and the version number officially corresponds to the GM quasi-formal version of the system today. Of course, this jailbreaking tool is backward compatible, Limited to the beta version of iOS 13.4.

It should be noted that, because Apple has not released the official version of iOS 13.4 at present, there are still many problems to be improved in this jailbreak version. For example, ssh / xnu boot does not work (the T2 dedicated virtual memory disk has not been bundled); no Support A12 and A1 device jailbreak, only applicable to Mac OS system, etc.

Of course, Lucas also said that they will follow up on the jailbreak after the official release of iOS 13.4. This signal is currently released, but I just want to tell you that they have already completed this system version.

Apple just released the hard iPad Pro and smart keyboard with trackpad and backlight last night. IPadOS 13.4 also added support for trackpad keyboard and mouse operation. Apple introduced some new features and changes in iOS / iPadOS 13.4, including A new mail toolbar, separates the reply button and the delete button to prevent users from accidentally deleting emails by accident.

In addition, a new "Shazam It" shortcut has been added to the shortcut app to identify songs. There is a new API called CarKey in iOS 13.4 that allows iPhone and Apple Watch to unlock, lock and launch compatible cars. The iPhone can also be turned into a car key.

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