October launch AMD Zen3 processor, RDNA2 light chase graphics

Financial analyst meeting earlier this month on, AMD announced a new generation of CPU / GPU roadmap, expected 2022 launch of 5nm Zen4 processor, this year is 7nm Zen3 processor and RDNA2 graphics, before the rumours say is the fastest 7 months, latest He broke the news that 10-month listing.

With the arrival of the Ryzen 4000 series APU processor on the notebook, AMD ’s 7nm Zen2 architecture processor has come to an end from July last year. The next step is the Zen3 architecture, which is an upgraded version of 7nm Zen2.

Compared with Zen2, Zen3 has been upgraded to the second generation 7nm process, which is TSMC's N7P, but it will not use EUV lithography, which has been ruled out by AMD.


Secondly, Zen3 's architecture will continue to improve. How much IPC performance can be improved is the key. AMD did not use Zen2 + this time, but instead used the Zen3 architecture codename, indicating that it is not a simple improvement. Previously, it was rumoured that IPC performance was improved by 10-15% Left and right.

According to AMD 's claims, Zen2 architecture compared to Zen architecture IPC performance is about 15%, so Zen3 the IPC enhance overall will be less than Zen2, after all, process technology only from 7nm to 7nm + only.

The Zen3 processor should also be launched on the desktop processor. The first product is expected to be the Ryzen 4000 series. The conventional names are Ryzen 9 4950X / 4900X , Ryzen 7 4800X / 4700X , and Ryzen 5 4600X / 4600 / 4500X / 4500 and so on.

As for the release time, it was rumoured that it was in the Q3 quarter, that is, some time in July-September, but the latest news is that it is October, which is roughly a quarter more than the Zen2 release last year.


The late arrival may also be related to the RDNA2 graphics card, because this time AMD also released Zen3 and RDNA2 graphics cards at the same time, the latter improved the energy efficiency by 50% on the basis of RDNA, and added hardware optical tracking support, which is also the future of the PS5 and XSX hosts Architecture.

In short, during the golden season in October of this year , AMD made a big hit and launched a Zen3 processor and RDNA2 graphics card with a 7nm process .

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