Thailand confirms 188 new cases of new Coronavirus

Thailand added 188 new cases of confirmed new coronavirus on Sunday, setting a single-day high, and the cumulative number of cases has increased to 599. In order to reduce crowd gathering, the Bangkok municipal government announced the closure of all department stores, beauty salons, markets, swimming pools, playgrounds, Internet cafes, golf courses, conference centers, tattoo shops, etc. until April 12.
Thailand confirms 188 new cases of new crown virus

A spokesman for the Thai public health department said most of the new cases were related to boxing gyms where outbreaks of infection had previously spread. He also said that new cases in Thailand were concentrated in Bangkok, and most of them were "young people who continue to participate in social activities." He called on people to stay at home and not go out.

According to the Central News Agency, on the 6th of this month, more than a thousand spectators gathered at the National Lumpini Boxing Stadium in Bangkok to watch the Muay Thai match. At least more than 100 people have been infected with the new coronavirus because of this fight. Men in their 30s, including well-known actors, army generals, Muay Thai coaches, etc. Authorities estimate that this Muay Thai match may cause at least 500 people to be infected that day, so the number of confirmed diagnoses may continue to increase in the future. 

 The number of newly confirmed cases in Thailand has skyrocketed recently, from 30, 50, and 80 to 188 on Sunday. The new cases of Wuhan pneumonia announced by the Thai Ministry of Public Health on Sunday are divided into two categories. The first category is related to previously confirmed cases. 21 people participated in Muay Thai gym activities, 5 people worked in entertainment venues, and 5 people went to Malaysia to participate.

 After religious activities, 37 people were in contact with previously confirmed cases. The second category was related to foreign countries. Eight people returned from abroad. Seven people worked in crowded places or contacted foreigners. There are still 108 people waiting to confirm the source of the infection.

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