Bill Gates defines New Coronavirus as pandemic # 1: comparable to World War II

On April 24, the Gates Foundation published a long Weibo article. “Bill Gates: Pandemic 1 Will Redefine This Era.”In an article, Bill Gates said that it was like a world war. But we are all on the same front.
Bill Gates defines New Coronavirus as pandemic # 1: comparable to World War II
Bill Gates wrote in the text that Melinda and I knew from a young age that the Second World War was a decisive moment for the generation of our parents and influenced their lives. Similarly, the new coronavirus pneumonia – the first modern pandemic – will redefine our time. People who survived this “modern pandemic No. 1” will never forget it. The pain that people experience and which will be felt over the next few years cannot be overestimated.

The high cost of a pandemic for people with low incomes and the poor is of particular concern to me and Melinda. This disease is especially harmful to poor communities and ethnic minorities. Similarly, the economic downturn has the most serious impact on the working class of low-income and minority groups. Politicians must ensure that as the country opens. The economic recovery does not exacerbate inequality.
At the same time, all countries of the world are working together to fight well in this battle. Which deeply delights us. Every day, we communicate with scientists, pharmaceutical company executives and government leaders. We hoping that the previously mentioned innovative solutions will appear in the near future. Every day there are too many heroes worthy of admiration, especially those medical workers who fight at the forefront. When the world finally announces the end of the modern pandemic No. 1, we must say thanks to all of them.
Bill Gates said that our understanding of the disease will help us develop tools and formulate policies. There are many key things that we still do not understand. Many studies answer these questions, including a study at the University of Washington at Seattle. Global collaboration on these issues is admirable. And we must see many achievements this summer.

Is the disease seasonal or climatic?

Almost all respiratory viruses (including coronaviruses) are seasonal. This means that there will be fewer infections in the summer. And this may make us less alert when autumn arrives. But this seasonality has a degree problem. Since we see that the new coronavirus is spreading in Australia and other parts of the southern hemisphere,.Where the seasons are opposite to ours. We know that this virus is not as seasonal as the flu.

How many asymptomatic people have enough viruses to infect others?

How contagious are those who have the virus left after recovery? Computer models show that if many people are asymptomatic but contagious. The epidemic may resume after the ban is lifted. There are many differences in how many infections come from these asymptomatic infections. But we know that many people have no symptoms after getting the virus. And some of them eventually spread the virus.

Why do young people have a lower risk of serious illness after infection?

Some countries use population temperature measurement as an initial screening tool. If this method helps us find more potential cases, we can use it widely at airports and in large gatherings. We need to focus on high-risk groups. Because we do not have enough resources to test everyone.

What activities are involved in causing the greatest risk of infection?

People will ask me if minimizing the risk of avoiding home removal, touching door handles or using public toilets. I also hope that I have an answer. People must judge whether various types of meetings, such as attending classes or attending church evenings, must keep a distance. In places with poor sanitation, the virus can also spread through the faeces of infected people.

Who is most susceptible to this disease?

We know that the risk of serious illness and death in older people is much higher. Studies of the effects of gender, race, and complications are still ongoing.

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