Nintendo confirms account hacks: 160,000 accounts have been misused

Nintendo has confirmed that attackers obtained credentials from more than 150,000 Nintendo account holders. Thus, since the beginning of April, attackers partially made purchases of virtual goods at the expense of the account owners.
Nintendo confirms account hacks: 160,000 accounts have been misused

As Nintendo announced after investigating a few days ago, registering a Nintendo account through the so-called Nintendo Network ID (NNID) is now deactivated. The background is “hacks” in which the accounts of about 160,000 users were illegally used by third parties.

Nintendo itself allegedly not affected by the vulnerability

Access data for the affected user accounts were illegally transmitted to attackers in a way that has not yet been described. As a result of which Nintendo made it clear that the service itself is not affected by a security problem. Among other things, data such as the user name, date of birth, country and email address were tapped.

Nintendo confirms account hacks: 160,000 accounts have been misused
For some interested users, the accounts, as well as credit cards and PayPal accounts stored in them, were also used for the incorrect purchase of virtual goods. Many victims previously reported that their accounts were used by third parties to purchase the VBucks virtual currency used by Fortnite. Nintendo currently advises victims of such cases to check their purchase history and cancel any suspicious transactions.

Nintendo says that it will immediately reset the access data for the affected accounts and disable registration in the main account through NNID. Affected individuals will be informed of the attacks by email and will warn that illegal purchases could be made using the same access data for the NNID and Nintendo account.

The game manufacturer also asks users to activate two-factor authorization in order to create an additional level of security and thus prevent illegal access.

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