A Surprise: Windows 10 20H2 again just a small update

Microsoft will apparently release a "small" and a "large" Windows 10 feature update again this year. This emerges from a media report. The small update is therefore planned for autumn.

 This plan is also said not to have been drawn up after the Windows Insider team switched to the further development of the Windows update in the home office as a result of the corona pandemic. This is reported by Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet. 

He had previously learned from internal sources that Microsoft had postponed the Windows 10 May 2020 update until the last week in May. Now Foley reports that Microsoft, like last year, divides the two planned Windows versions so that new functions appear in the spring, while the autumn release only improves and extends existing functions.

Then only improvements in autumn

Microsoft had said last year that the autumn update 2019 was a kind of exception. The Windows 10 November update was the first half-yearly update of Windows 10 that hardly brought any innovations. Many users were annoyed about it and expected many changes in the coming versions.

A Surprise: Windows 10 20H2 again just a small update

Instead, we now have the situation that new functions no longer appear to be version-bound, but instead at least partially start on a certain date for older versions of Windows 10. It is becoming increasingly obscure for the end consumer what to expect from the big half-yearly updates. The incentive to update before it becomes absolutely necessary (i.e. at the end of support) is correspondingly low.

The new/old update plan

Reminder: In the past year, the Windows development team had stated as follows. One of the questions asked during the presentation was:

"Will we see this cycle every year now? Major feature update in H1, more minor feature update in H2, a cumulative update for both?"

Microsoft replied as follows:

"Deploying the 19H2 feature update through a cumulative update and an activation package is a pilot project. There is no formal plan to deliver future releases in the same way. We are monitoring the feedback closely and hope to see you out to learn this type of publication to influence our future plans. "

The actual question was not answered - maybe it was not clear at the time either. If the information from ZDNet is now true, the answer for 2020 is "yes".

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