New MacBook Pro 13 for $ 1,300 and $ 1,800 - these are very different laptops

There are really many differences

As you know, the newer MacBook Pro 13 has the eighth generation of the old 14-nanometer Intel Core processor in the younger configuration, while the older ones got the brand new 10-nanometer Intel Ice Lake processor

Both Core i5 and Core i7 offer newer and older versions. The price of the basic version is 1300 US dollars. It is equipped with CPU Core i5-8257U, and the revised price is 1800 US dollars, which provides Core i5-1038NG7. However, for an additional $ 500, you can also get an additional 8 GB of RAM and twice the SSD. The price difference behind the CPU is only $ 200.

New MacBook Pro 13 for $ 1,300 and $ 1,800 - these are very different laptops

Does it make sense to pay more? The parameters of the processors are similar, they have four cores that support hyper-threading, but Core i5-1038NG7 has a more powerful GPU, a new architecture and a more elaborate manufacturing process.

As shown in the video above, the difference is not just the processor. For some reason, the $ 1800 version has a better sound subsystem: louder speakers and better performance. The reason for this situation is not clear, but it is worth understanding before buying.

The second point: The SSD in the old version is not only bigger but also faster. But maybe, if the volume of the drive you ordered is the same as the smaller drive, the speed will be corresponding.

In terms of performance, Geekbench Core i5-8257U scored 925 and 3928 points in single-threaded and multi-threaded modes, respectively, while Core i5-1038NG7 scored 1214 and 4385 points, respectively. That is, depending on the mode, the speed of the new CPU is increased by 30% and 12%, respectively. But this is synthetic. In Cinebench R20, test participants received 1548 and 1917 points (in the same order), that is, the productivity of the more expensive version increased by 24%, which is a lot. Well, for many people, the most important test is Final Cut Pro. The modification can process the updated CPU in 36 seconds and the older CPU in 44 seconds, which is a difference of about 22%. That is, as we have seen, it is 20% to 25%-this is the real difference in CPU performance that you should focus on. Whether or not it ’s worth paying an extra $ 200, everyone can decide for themselves. But this is not all.

But before proceeding to other operations, it is worth paying attention to a strange function. The author of the video conducted the same test in Final Cut Pro on the 2019 MacBook Pro 13 using the same Core i5-8257U processor, and the result was 1 minute and 5 seconds. In other words, the speed of the updated version is increased by one-third without changing the processor! Only because of some optimizations (it is hard to think of other reasons), the new version with the same processor is already a third faster, that is, the difference is greater than the difference between Core i5-8257U and Core i5-1038NG7. This makes you wonder if Apple can make the Core i5-8257U so fast in the first place? If it is possible, why not?

But these questions will remain unanswered. We will return to the tests. The GPU of the new processor in Geekbench 5 Metal Graphics is 1.5 times faster than the GPU of the old, but in Unigine Heaven the difference is 25%.

New MacBook Pro 13 for $ 1,300 and $ 1,800 - these are very different laptops

As it turned out, inside laptops also differ not only in details. For example, it becomes clear why the older version sounds better: it has additional emitters pointing down. And the version with a 10-nanometer processor also has two fans instead of one, which is very unexpected. Even more unexpectedly, in a number of scenarios, the older version is both hotter and louder! Yes, the modification with a 10-nanometer processor and two fans are hotter and louder than the version with one fan and an old 14-nanometer CPU. The reviewer obtained such a result in Cinebench R20, while in Unigine Heaven the situation is the opposite: the temperature of the new CPU is 74 ° C versus 80 ° C for the old, but in the first case, the fans rotate at a speed of only 2300 rpm, and in the second - 7200 rpm.

what is the result? It makes no sense to directly compare the $ 1,300 and $ 1,800 versions because the second version has twice the RAM and storage. If we compare a small device with the same parameters to an older device, as we have already said, the difference is only $ 200.

For $ 200, the buyer will receive a laptop with better sound, 20-25% more efficient processor and 30-50% more powerful GPU. At the same time, depending on the type of load, a more expensive laptop can be both colder and quieter, and hotter and louder more affordable.

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