Nvidia's CEO baked the world's largest graphics card

Presumably, this is a server for DGX A100 AI tasks

The GTC conference will begin tomorrow, which will be held online this year due to the pandemic. During this event, Nvidia is expected to introduce the next-generation GPU architecture, known as Ampere, and other new products. The manufacturer hinted at one of them in a short video entitled “What did Jensen cook?”

Nvidia's CEO baked the world's largest graphics card

In the video, the head of the company, Jensen Huang, takes out from the oven what he calls the "world's largest graphics card." In the appearance of the “card”, it is quite easy to recognize the next system of the DGX line. 

As you know, recently Nvidia registered the DGX A100 trademark, so it is very likely that this is the name of the “dish” prepared by the Nvidia CEO. The basis of the server for AI tasks is Tesla accelerators on the GPU GA100 - the flagship next-generation graphics processor. Of course, so far these are nothing more than reasonable assumptions, but the exact information has not been left to wait long.

Source = Youtube

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