Presented a video card for AMD Radeon Pro VII workstations

As expected, AMD announced the release of a video card for AMD Radeon Pro VII workstations. According to the manufacturer, this novelty is intended for professionals in the broadcast and design fields. AMD is providing excellent graphics and computing performance and innovative features. It supports the most demanding modern projects in the field of broadcasting and multimedia, computer modeling, and application development for supercomputers that allow scientific research on supercomputers based on AMD processors.

Presented a video card for AMD Radeon Pro VII workstations

The novelty is based on the Vega20 7-nanometer GPU, which has 60 computing units and 3840 stream processors, and its performance reaches 6.5 TFLOPS for double-precision operations (FP64) and 13.1 TFLOPS for single-precision operations (FP32).

The 267 mm video card is equipped with a PCIe 4.0 interface and 16 GB HBM2 memory, which is connected to a 4096-bit bus with a bandwidth of 1 TB / s. It has 6 outputs mini-DisplayPort 1.4. It supports simultaneous output to 6 displays. It also supports HDR and 8K (when outputting to a single display)

In addition, the model opens up possibilities for AMD Infinity Fabric Link technology on workstations, which provides high-speed communication between GPUs in systems with multiple GPUs. 

AMD Infinity Fabric Link provides 168 GB / s bandwidth, which is 5.25 times the PCIe 3.0 x16 function. The typical power consumption is 250 watts. The card is equipped with 6-pin and 8-pin PCIe additional power connectors.

Presented a video card for AMD Radeon Pro VII workstations

The card ’s interesting features include the IP address of the remote workstation in the AMD Radeon Pro for Enterprise software driver, which allows you to remotely access the workstation from almost anywhere; The precise synchronization output required. TV wall, digital signage, etc.  (An additional AMD FirePro S400 sync module is required).

AMD Radeon Pro workstation graphics cards work with the AMD Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise drivers. According to the manufacturer, its new version provides an increase in productivity by 14% compared to the version a year ago.

AMD also released an update to AMD Radeon ProRender, an industry-standard physical rendering engine that provides accelerated rendering "on any GPU, processor, or OS" (GPU or CPU must support OpenCL or Apple Metal, and any OS implies Windows, macOS, and Linux).

AMD Radeon Pro VII is expected to go on sale in major online stores in mid-June at a price of $ 1,899. Workstations equipped with AMD Radeon Pro VII should hit the market in the second half of the year.

Source = AMD

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