Tesla boss Elon Musk tweets capitalist nervous breakdown

Tesla boss Elon Musk did it again: perhaps with a thoughtless tweet he caused a drop in Tesla's stock price - large investors are not enthusiastic and require serious consequences. 

Tesla boss Elon Musk tweets capitalist nervous breakdown

Elon Musk is in trouble again. His Twitter post already led Tesla investors to sue him last year, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission put various demands on him and, ultimately, was forced to resign as Tesla chairman. But he learned little from this, as shown by his recent “appearances” on Twitter (via The Verge).

Stress with the girlfriend

So Elon Musk had a hard week. He announced that his girlfriend, musician Grimes, was angry with him. On Twitter, his fans and followers then believed that he might have a bit of a nervous breakdown - in any case, his statements on Twitter were very confused: Firstly, he announced that he would sell “almost all” of his physical property, it did not matter to him. He no longer wanted to have a house. Over the past few years, he has bought about a dozen exclusive homes in California alone. He then tweeted that the price of Tesla's stock was too high, and sent his stock with this thoughtless remark. Finally, he performed with parts of the US national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner" and quoted passages from poems by Dylan Thomas.

Tesla stock fell in double digits

Tesla shares temporarily fell about twelve per cent on the New York Stock Exchange. Musk not only trolled on Twitter for several days and infuriated many of his followers. At a conference call to announce Tesla’s quarterly figures, he called the measures against the coronavirus pandemic “fascist.” In his opinion, these measures violated the rights (freedoms) guaranteed in the Constitution.

Tesla chief Musk calls exit restrictions 'fascism'

Tesla boss Elon Musk does not think about measures to combat the crown virus, this is no longer a secret. In the past few days, he has intensified criticism of isolation measures; the night before he went further than ever. Because last night, the electric car manufacturer announced its current business performance. And they are very pleased with Tesla. Since in the current global crisis it was also possible to conduct a successful business. Tesla announced sales of $ 6 billion and was in positive territory with a profit of $ 16 million. This, of course, is very pleasant for Tesla, because, over the same period last year, the losses still amounted to $ 702 million. But the Tesla boss also caused controversy, because, at the traditional investor discussion following the announcement of the quarterly figures, Musk become responded to the current coronavirus pandemic. And the 48-year-old didn't take a leaf out of his mouth and, according to many, overshot the goal.

Elon Musk: Curfews are "fascism"

Musk, who always doubted the severity of the coronavirus threat, said (via CNBC) that travel restrictions "forcibly block people in their homes against all their constitutional rights." But he went further and said that these restrictions were “fascism” and that freedom should be returned to people. He continued to scold anti-pandemic measures, but other statements or tirades can be called redundant. Musk also admitted that the main thing that worries him is that his factories are closed. He said he was concerned that Tesla's headquarters in Fremont, California, was closed. This is a “serious risk” since Tesla produces most of the cars there. However, these statements also show that Musk is primarily concerned not with fundamental rights and freedoms, but with business.

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