Windows 10 May update introduces malware blocker

As the first major update to Windows 10, this year Microsoft has upgraded many functions of the new version of the system.

Windows 10 May update introduces malware blocker

With the increase of ransomware and spyware, users need to constantly update the system and remain vigilant. With the next major Windows 10 May 2020 Update, Microsoft introduced a new security feature to protect users' computers from attacks from potentially unwanted applications.

It is understood that Windows 10 users often download poorly used applications when searching for free versions of software on the Internet. Many poorly used applications are associated with potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). If these applications work, they can slow down Windows 10, insert ads, or even change your browser search engine.

In this regard, the Windows 10 May 2020 Update introduced a new security feature in the Windows security program, which provides protection against potentially unwanted applications (PUA), but this feature is currently not enabled by default. ,

Windows 10 May update introduces malware blocker

Once this feature is enabled, the Windows security application will intervene and block adware, cryptocurrency funds, and other unwanted software associated with downloading free software.

In addition, Windows security applications will also allow users to control the security and shielding of PUAs or allow applications, downloads, or both. For Microsoft Edge users, Windows Defender will scan when loading PUA in a browser.

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