Xiaomi MIX4 looks like this? Official document outflow

If there are other mobile phones that Xiaomi is looking forward to this year, the MIX series may be the most popular, including the release of MIX4 and the launch of MIX Alpha.
A few days ago, foreign media dug out the new patent that Xiaomi approved on April 24, and showed some solutions for the off-screen camera.
As shown in the figure, the under-screen camera can be secured in the upper left corner of the central position. When the proactive function is activated, the corresponding screen area will become transparent. When the function is turned off, the screen area will be restored to its original state, thus not affecting the normal screen display.
Foreign media produced renderings based on this, the overall feeling is very similar to Xiaomi MIX3, both forehead and chin are reserved, that is, the receiver is still the position of the frame, rather than the screen sound. Be cautious in guessing that the sensors such as light and distance are also expected to be placed on the forehead or chin.
Earlier, it was reported that Xiaomi is developing a mobile phone with 150 million pixels. I don't know if it will appear on MIX4. Although Lu Weibing once pointed out that the light transmission problem of the under-screen camera is difficult to solve, we believe that the Xiaomi MIX series, which has created a comprehensive screen wave and is committed to continuous innovation, will surprise everyone. May be patient.

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