Zoom tries to solve security problems by purchasing a young Keybase company

End-to-end encrypted conference mode is only available for paid accounts. Faced with security challenges, Zoom implemented its own 90-day plan, aimed at "further strengthening the security of the video communication platform." The company said its acquisition of Keybase Startup was part of it. Please note that this is Zoom ’s first purchase in nine years. The amount was not disclosed.

Zoom tries to solve security problems by purchasing a young Keybase company

According to Zoom, since the service was launched in 2014, the service has been using its own secure messaging and file exchange methods. The integration of Keybase and the Zoom team should "help build end-to-end encryption" and can be extended to the current Zoom coverage.

Content transmitted by Zoom clients is now encrypted on the sending device and not decrypted until it reaches the recipient devices. Zoom 5.0 supports AES-GCM encryption with 256-bit keys. However, encryption keys are generated by Zoom servers and stored in the cloud. Hosts for whom confidentiality is a priority, the company intends to offer a new solution. 

This will be end-to-end encrypted mode, available only to paid accounts. In it, cryptographic secrets will be controlled by the host, and the host client software will decide which devices are allowed to join the conversation. End-to-end encryption meetings will not support telephone bridges, cloud recording, and third-party conferencing systems. Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone members can attend, only having the explicit permission of the organizer. The company believes this will provide equivalent or better security than consumer end-to-end encryption messaging platforms, but with the video quality that made Zoom so popular.

The company emphasizes that it seeks to maintain transparency when creating the described mechanism. She plans to publish a detailed draft of cryptographic design on Friday, May 22. After discussion with the community and experts, more detailed information will be published and feedback will be collected. As soon as this feedback is evaluated for integration into the final design, the company will publish a plan for introducing innovations.

Source = Zoom

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